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Control Tower Cap
Control Tower Cap
Control Tower Cap

Control Tower Cap

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Micro stopper for small blenders etc. Fitted section is 9.5mm

Won't fall from wiggles

Will not obstruct air flow to the neck.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Best caps in the game.

I have been buying from Zack Brown and his glass website for about six years now. Since buying his caps I’ve never had anything bad to say about them even when they were made for QCB banger back then. Love ya ZB!

Matthew S.
Awesome cap for my eternal terp spliter!

My eternal quartz terp spliter is basically a HE control tower. 80mm high walls and a 30 mm base. The inner diameter is 9.6, perfect for the Zach Brown control tower cap! Hellll yeaaahhh!!!! New Jersey glass for life!!!

Conrad Peclet
THE only cap for the control tower

finally can take the tower out to the nature spots without worry my marble is gonna fall off 👌

Gabe Banks
Heat Retention is UNREAL!

I went from dabbing at 500 F and thinking that was low temp. Now I pop on the ZB tower cap and easily demolish a booger at 460 F. Terps for days, can't wait to get some more art from you!

Brett Booth
Never Received Products. No One is Responding. Scam?

My package has been in transit for a few weeks now. I have called, emailed and messaged socials and no response? Did I get scammed out of $400?