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"Zach Brown Glass V2"- 25mm
"Zach Brown Glass V2"- 25mm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, "Zach Brown Glass V2"- 25mm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, "Zach Brown Glass V2"- 25mm

"Zach Brown Glass V2"- 25mm

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#1 Directional Cap

This is what the hype is about. With stringent quality control in respect to seal and flow, these are without a doubt the best directional caps on the market. Join the gang.

Fits 25mm bangers and thermals (a quarter is 25mm). The fitted ring is 20mm- the size of a penny. If desired, include the make and model of the nail you use most often. This allows me to send the best match for your banger size and depth. Caps for 24mm are no longer in production and are made to order.

 As  most bangers get slightly deeper my standard v2 spout legnth began to increase. Seeing that that is still a need for the shorter spouts for grails and other short bangers I decided to add a 3/4" spout, a great in-between option. 

Standard are great on everything especially shorter bangers like toro grails 

3/4" is a great all around legnth

1" makes deep bangers a breeze




Caps ship ASAP, and you will receive your order confirmation instantly. Comes with care card and Certificate of Authenticity.

Created and Tested for Quality by Zach Brown. American made carb cap.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Colin Selsted
Legendary products and legendary service

These products are fantastic. I I had tried other caps for buckets, and they never gave me this kind of control. Hands-down, the best cap in the game.

Chris Fuller
Perfect craftsmanship

Best cap I’ve owned to date. Will be back for more.

Justin Brown
Best Cap, Great Customer Service

Zach makes the best fitting caps, great customer service as well. I have to say well worth every penny and appreciated him reaching out personally.

Dom M
Definitely my favorite cap

I first used one of these when my friend got his. Immediately turned me onto them. I bought my first, then, right after about my second. After a few years I bought my third and fourth, and they’ve been great.

Seals great but…

Always buy through you or ruby pearl co and have the best experience this last one came quick it was a bit smaller & more delicate than the usual 2nd quality i get but worked fine until i tipped it off my banger and immediatly broke off the directional tip clean off :(